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Crazy Games

Party Pack

Inspired by the hit TV show, Minute To Win It, we have created the most amazingly fun Games Party for Kids ever!.. and the adults will love it too!


Your child and their friends will be literally screaming in excitement as we put them through the funniest 1 minute challenges they have ever done! We have a series of mini 1-minute games that look simple, are actually really tricky, and are guaranteed to have the kids in stitches.

The parties are hosted by 2 highly trained and experienced party hosts and they go for about 2 hours and include heaps of prizes, face painting and balloon twisting!

How do the parties run?
  • Our party host will split the group into 2-4 teams
  • Each team will participate in up to 10 one-minute challenges
  • Prizes are handed out all the way
  • We break up the party with some great “all-in” games
  • … and all the time we have great music playing in the

This Party Pack changes between high-energy games and games
that suit the more patient.

The whole way is great fun and every child will get a prize! This is
definitely a party your child won’t forget!

What next?

Give us a call to discuss how we can create the perfect
party for your child.

Phone: 1800 572 789